Haiti hould invit entrepreneurs, businessmen realtors and...

Yvrance Unelus - July 8 2012, 2:01 PM

Haiti hould invit entrepreneurs, businessmen realtors
and contractors and Bankers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, in all over the world to build affordable three story
apartment buildings in every department North, South, not only
in Port au Prince to rent the homeless people in the camps of Port au Prince.

Every building should have studios, kitchinettes, one bedrooms, two bedrooms to facilitate the lodging of all low income people.

They should not build temporary shelters with plywood, it is a waste of money.

They should build strong buildings to rent in the provinces near Port au Prince, like Gressier, Croix des Bouquets, for students and merchants to take the autobus to come to Port au Prince in the morning, and go home in the afternoon.

They should build affordable housing, hospitals and Nursing home for the haitian people working in the USA, Canada and everywhere in the world to retire in Haiti.


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