Bus crash updated While Haiti infrastructures are in a...

Agent-x - June 20 2012, 8:41 AM

Bus crash updated

While Haiti infrastructures are in a lamentable conditions, The Martelly gang is spending the the Haitian treasury monies in foolishness such as carnival in Cayes, Jacmel, Carnival des fleurs to worship his idol baby duck, to satisfy his emotion and infantile impulses.

According to dominicanewsonline-com on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012, Bus overturns in Haiti, death toll disputed.

A bus overturned in a rain-swollen river in southern Haiti, and officials differed on Tuesday about the number of people who died.

A statement issued by President Michel Martelly


Flash: Bus carried 50 passengers-30 feared dead-11 rescued and 5 missing

19 June 2012: dispatches from Haiti indicates that in Dichiti commune of Tomonde,Haiti: A bus carried at least 50...

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