How come any one blames Martelly, or the axis of Evil for the...

Ti Coq - May 27 2012, 12:08 PM

How come any one blames Martelly, or the axis of Evil for the degradation, deterioration, selling, stilling and destruction of Haiti Historic sites.

All I know is that Martelly was not a politician 2 years ago. An artist who like us see Haiti our country with the eyes of love and emotion.

But let be serious and respectful.

For the last 25 even the last 50 years, I'd never heard any Haitian civilians or officials arrested for selling, stilling neglecting, abandoning, destroying or misusing national patrimonies ( historic monuments, museums, documents and other valuables of our country ).

What could not be easily sold during the last 50 years is what left. By the way, where are the arms of the king, the emperors, the crowns and the historic objects of the oldest black con try of the world.

If you do not have a mental sickness, you will not blame Martelly for this historic disgrace.

We don

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