Benardette says:The Russians then and US were not friends, in...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 8 2012, 6:35 AM

Benardette says:The Russians then and US were not friends, in fact they were in a cold war in 1959.

Dedette, they are not in a hot war now?

Why Russia signed a contract with China?

" 5 years program, military high technology were sent to China from Russia.

Why Russia backing up Iran?

We are even in greater danger my syster.

I agree with you there is a cold war right this minute, but that cold war is between the world goverments and God Jehovah my sister.

The danger is now we have a puppet president by the name of Obama that is paving the way for Lucifer by just doing the dirty works of the masters of the world.

"Any president that is flashing the sign of Lucifer is not my president".

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