This is a long story and time preclude me from giving you a...

Agent-x - May 2 2012, 3:10 PM

This is a long story and time preclude me from giving you a breakdown of all the facts.

Right at this moment Dr. Feel Bad, Jean Pierre Alexandre, Bernadette an I are in a video conferencing call with Aristide.

I am limiting myself to tell the bare essential about the causes that prompted her defection to Aristide camp:

We have a year of spectacular failure with Martelly mis-managenent of the affairs of the states.

Now, the milice rose and the so called former military are beating, robbing and killing Haitians with impunity throughout the country under his watch.

To make matter worse, the Haytien Academy of language is in an emergency sessiontoday May 2nd 2012 to upgrade the meaning of Tonton Macoute.

Tonton macoute-Definition

1-According to the free dictionary online the word means:
Tonton Macoutes (tŏntŏn` m

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Agent-X I do not believe what you said because...


Bernadet will join Family Lavalasse before Thursday

Bernadette called us at family Lavalasse to express her growing dissatisfaction with the Martelly regime. She plans to...

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