I see you are delusional because Agent-X does not drink...

Agent-x - April 30 2012, 4:37 AM

I see you are delusional because Agent-X does not drink alcohol and never been in New Jersey.

I instructed Dr. Feel Bad to do a psycho social assessment on you when Agency-X-1804 will send you there as part of your gender treatment and to determine whether you are really delusional or are using the feed back information obsolete bag of tricks.

Since Doctor Feel Bad is still in Dominican Republic working on multiple leads concerning Martelly paternity cases, the bribes he paid to keep the paternity case hush hush and the bribes he and madame "Maniget" received during their elections.

Dr. Feel Bad still crossing the border to Haiti to continue his longitudinal investigation on the former politician Dr. Paul G Magloire.

Do you remember the case of Paul G. Magloire Dr. Feel Bad have been investigating?

Dr. Feel Bad Says...

Dr Feel bad and his international crew will assess Dr. Paul G. Magloire in Haiti.

The interview will be videotaped secretly.

They will be published on you tube, Face book, Rene Preval blog and other media.

We have special miniature camera that will fit virtually on anything.

We announce this interview in advance to heightening his mental instability and increase his paranoia index.

So the job will be easier for us. We might be posing as patient, tourist, technical expert and so on to conduct our interview.

We just want to show the public the profile of this would be president.

If anyone has some practical suggestion regarding this bold operation please write a few lines to Dr. Feel Bad on this blog.
We need to know the following info about him.
What schools he attended.

What was his GPA. What are his relative strengths and weaknesses?

What are the names of his former classmates?

What is the name of the nurses that worked with him?

What are his past residences?

How he treats his patients, his likes and dislikes.

Does he drink alcohol, smoke tobacco takes drugs; does he patronizing prostitutes, homo etc?

Does he have a habit of beating children and women..

Does he have any past and current restavecks.

We need to know who are financing him, his IQ, His associates, his friends, how fast or slow he spends his monies; how much debts he has. What are his tangible assets?

How many mistresses he has; what type of women he likes including their weight, height, eyes color, way of dressing and choice of colors, perfume, shoes, coiffures, mannerism and their index of aggressiveness and propensity to shop. His ups and downs, what makes him angry, what time he wake up and go to bed, what side of the street he likes to walk. Does he Owns a car?

What model, how fast he drives.

Does he have tinted windows on his car that might suggest illegal activities?

Thank you for your cooperation
Dr. Feel Bad
Self appointed Psychiatrist in chief on this blog[Preval blog]

Posted 3/28/10 12:32 AM

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Agent-X, I hate your guts for siding up with guys...


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