Haiti cannot revert to the band of Marauders...

Agent-x - April 27 2012, 6:29 AM

Haiti cannot revert to the band of Marauders, extortionists,opportunists that put the interest of the nation on back burner to get rich quick on every type of rackets in the most treacherous, vicious and immoral fashion.

Haiti cannot go back to tolerate those band of people on power trip, enemies of democratic principles, would be tyrants to terrorize again the Haitian population.

The Duvalier era is gone for ever.

Epok Divalye a fini. Si rou gen yen Nostalgie epok Duvalier ya, chache gnown yon pret savan pou chante libera Duvalier ak Duvalierists yo.

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Agent-x,you makes me laugh. Anyway! We will let the...


Operation lost cause will begin soon for the marauders and extortionists

The armed band of marauders,extortionists,enemy of democratic principles,thirsty for power and blood will meet their...

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