This is the same info that I translated in les than one second...

Agent-x - April 24 2012, 1:21 PM

This is the same info that I translated in les than one second via Google translate or automated translation.

Now you going to tell me that all the Haitian experts in jurisprudence, constitutional law, laws,ethics and those that are parading their master Degrees,, PhD in the field of linguistic and its sub-specialisation such as:

Grammarians, semiotic,Morphology, inflection,paradigm, declension, derivation, compound, Phonology,phoneme, allophone, segment, mora, syllable, foot, stress, tone, tense, aspect, mood and modality, grammatical number, grammatical gender, case, Syntax,phrase, clause, grammatical function, grammatical voice, Lexicology,word, lexeme, lemma, lexicon, vocabulary, simultaneous translation, interpretation,editing, terminology, Semantics, sense, entailment, truth condition, compositionality, Pragmatics,presupposition, implicature, deixis to name a few, cannot translate the 1987 constitution via Google translate then make the appropriate correction.

I know madame Manigat speaks, understand and write more french than Ayisien because she is mentally more french than Haitian.

That is why she seldom speak Ayisien.

So let's exclude her among the people that could help translate the 1987 Haitian constitution into Ayisien.

This is a travesty.

Since 100% of Haitians speak Ayisien and only less than 3%of Haitan speaks french like a Parisian or like the African francophone, the rest of 7% of Haitian that claims they speaks french encounter serious with diction, syntax,vocabulary etc and are compelled to use from time to time Ayisien words to continue a so called conversation in french.Thus it is a travesti for the Haitian parliament to make a constitution in french first, then translated it into Ayisien.

It should be the other way around.

Make the constitution in Ayisen then translate it into french.

I guess it is easy for the parliament members to copy, plagiarizes from the constitution of their masters then translate it into Ayisien.

They follow the path of the least resistance.


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