Are you kidding me now? You need to do your home work, please...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 19 2012, 5:30 PM

Are you kidding me now?

You need to do your home work, please don't go local.

Russian organized crime family are almost the same shitt like the Albanians organized crime family.

Maybe in different stages they might be more sophisticated than the Italian mafias, regardless of their reputations"To me they are classic more that our low down animals that we have in Haiti"
Remember the animals that we have in Haiti are far more destructive, because they don't have so-called national pride sticker attach in their back, they like to macro-managing, they act like parasites to milk the country dry and its people.

Real organized crime family respect their resources.

Therefore our animals are far more dangerous.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre, do your home work first before...


What good is the Cr

Jean Pierre Alexandre,what good will come out of the Cr

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