William julme, it look like you just have a foolish's...

Monel - April 12 2012, 9:35 PM

William julme, it look like you just have a foolish's attack'becuse you are talking like someone who doesn't have any respect for those haitian who have been working so hard in the diaspora to send $250.00 yearly for those corrumpu's guy downthere.

We've already been doing enaugh.Did you remember VOAM "voye ayiti monte".Now That government take $1.50 on each transfer people send to haiti, and 15 cents on any phone's call.and they take those moneis on us without any law.
Mr William Julme could you tell me where are those moneis, what they've been doing with.now you without any conscience to ask people to send $250.00 yearly" bay bann vole'sa yo an ba".

You look like a lobyist for Martelly's government.

because I cannot believe a true haitian could act like that.
Ou ta dwe mande diaspora pito oganize, yon fason pou li vinn yon fos reye'l, depi kote nou ye yo, pou nou komanse fe devlopman nan zo'n pa nou, olye pou ta vin mande nou voye lajan bay bann vole' sa yo.

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