Martelly is pro-imperialist. Do not equate him as Castro, Chavez

Agent-x - April 11 2012, 3:22 PM

This is a reply to the ex macoute and currently a defector from Martelly's milice rose, Jean Pierre Alexandre.

There is no comparison between the degenerate sparrow wacko unstable bribeocrat Martelly and Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Jean Bertrand Aristide and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Castro, Chavez,Aristide and Ahmadinejad are respectively true patriots whereas Martelly is the valet of the true axis of evil.

Castro seized power in 1959; he reduced Fulgencio Batista blatant corruption, exploitation and brutality.

He change Cuba into the bastion of dignity and freedom.

Without the Cuban revolution hundred of thousand of Haitian could have been dead now in Haiti because of lack of medical care. The cuban provide the Haitian medical services regardless of the Haitian ability to pay.
Thanks to the Cuban revolution, the torches of literacy, knowledge, hope and self sufficiency are emerging in the Haitian country side while the real axis of evil has been using their media to relentlessly vilify many Haitians for being illiterate, poor and vectors of of diseases including HIV, condition those vectors of evil have created in the first place.

Several thousand of Haitians living in the country side in Haiti now are able to read, write and attending universities thank to the Castro/Cuban revolution.

The mulatocracy, kleptocracy and bribeacracy in Haiti called the Haitians that live in the country side "moune en dehors" meaning they are out of Haitian affairs which indicate they are excluded from the corridors of power in Haiti[en dehors des fonctions civiques]
Thanks to the Cuban revolution those "moune en dehors des affairs du pays are seeing the rising dawn or crepuscule of hope.

Hugo chavez assistance, respect and support for Haiti is beyond beliefs.

It is a topic that will take several pages to enumerate.

Let's postpone this topic for another time.

Jean Bertrand Aristide is the reincarnation of Toussaint L'ouverture at default of the exact word. He was kidnapped by the real axis of evil because he made an attempt to embark Haiti in the highway to progress.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a true patriot that will restore to Iran the glory of the Pershan empire.

Do some homework about the glorius epoch of the pershian Empire.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I did not compare Martelly to anyone i simply said his head get hot because he seat and drank with them. Don't you put words in my mouth. I know who... more »