un senat corrompu dans un pays de corruption.

Monel - April 11 2012, 11:41 AM

Where is the morality happening with the men of my country.Are there sellers of patry?

I think is not the power of money that must prevail in this country.

We are in presence of a corrupt country, where the men sold the awareness for "Po Patat"without taking into account the interets of the vast majority of haitian people.

According to the west senator out of term Jean Hector Anacasis in the most capital radios before the vote's day, he said:"TOUT MOUN JWENN"that mean the rumor become true when people have been written on the internet that Laurent Lamothe gave each senator $4oo.ooo us, and some nomination in the haitian diplomacy.

Where is the constitution?

Where is the 157 article?

Where Is the haitian people?

Laurent Lamothe bought his prime minister's seat, haitian people should assume to remain in misery for ever, because when someone give money to do something for him.he expects something back.
In that case the senators have already paid, now where Laurent Lamothe gonna have the moneis he has been invested for the prime minister's seat. I think the same corroption he used to practice at the SENEGAL, the haitian people gonna be suffered the same fate as the SENEGALIANS and others African's countries.balawou.blogspot.com/portrait-de-layrent-lamothe-en-fuite-au.html
Laurent Lamothe, according to the haitian constitution, he di not fulfill the criteria required by section 157 in the matter of residence, taxes,electoral's ID, and the doupt on his nationality.

Because as he's being giving all the senators have found money"TOUT MOUN JWENN" li pase, men mwen konnen se mal sele ka pral foule.

Mal sele-ya se pep ayisien.

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Monel says...

Sorry my co-bloggers for misspelling Laurent in the link,that's why when you gonna click on,the page not gonna be displayed,in the link I put... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Bro Monel,you said it all and you don't leave no room for me to say anything. When is used to tell you guys,those senators are dogs! Do you fell me... more »