Bro, I don't think Haiti will have an army on Michael J...

Monel - April 1 2012, 1:35 PM

Bro, I don't think Haiti will have an army on Michael J. Martelly presidency, because shut up his mouth on remobilize the haitian army is one of the deals he was agree with the states department on the 8th march's deal on his nationality.

2nd deal I know that Michel or Michael Martelly get some drug dea'ler out from national palace like Clarel Alexandre and co.
According to Mr Kenneth merten, the united states not gonna support any others forces, only the national police, said on most of capital haitian's radio.

They have lot of others deals that Michel or Michael J. Martelly been giving without haitian people interest.only to cover his as.s to govern with theirs friends and families.

SCOOP:fok mwen di-w bro gen yon gwo eskandal ki pete nan repiblik dominiken, kote yon jounalis ki rele NuNa perrez di li gen pwev chek yo, kote pwezidan Fernandez bay Michel Martelly 2.5 millions pou femen je sou kontra ayiti te siyen ak konpayi senate Bastita.

Dapwe tout pres dominiken.gen gwo manifestasyon nan Managua kote yap mande demisyon Lyonel Fernandez.


Haiti will have the army,that is for sure.

A Haitian government panel has urged the president to appoint an interim commander to take charge of former soldiers...

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Bro Monel,first of all. Where was you for the past...

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