Lovanist st.vilus, this is my style when people have no...

Monel - February 14 2012, 12:43 AM

Lovanist st.vilus, this is my style when people have no respect for me, I got no respect for anybody when I did my best to posting something, I waiting for contradictory's debate on a subject, and then I received a reply with" betiz"at this time I have no choice for any one, who think he or she is jerk.
Le sa-a ninpot moun ap kosidere'm kom yon

look at the way you were kindness according to your last reply, I advice you on this blog never take any one like an example when you reply me, I was so pissed when you were taken" le petit bonhomme d'haiti" and then you said he used to got reason on me.
By the way bro, I don't have problem with you, if you like martely, is your choice.but me I really hate him. Happy valentines day.

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