Yes, Decentralization is possible. Port au Prince is...

Yvrance Unelus - December 9 2011, 8:41 PM

Yes, Decentralization is possible.

Port au Prince is overcrowded.

The poor people of Port au Prince live in very bad conditions, They are hungry because food is expensive in Port au Prince and in some cities.

They must return to the provinces they came from. It is very important to build professional schools such as law school, Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, architecture, Priesthood school, Nursing school, education school, accounting, computer,, busness school, etc in all departments, North, South, East and Artibonite to help the people to decentralize in the provinces.

People move to Port au Prince for schooling, for jobs, therefore if they have jobs and schools in every department they would stay in their district to learn a profession and have a job. They must build airports in every department to develop tourism in Haiti.

They must build hotels for local and foreign tourists to vacation in Haiti in every department.

Not everybody want to go to Port au Prince for a vacation.

They want to go to their mother land. They want to go to the beaches,.

Every department needs a car dealer and a driving school for the people in the provinces to learn to drive and drive a car to reach their destination faster.Real estate entrepreneurs and partmers must build affordable housing in the provinces for the overseas people to retire in Haiti like they do in Florida.

They must build hospitals and Nursing homes in the provinces.

Decentralzation will be possible if they would bring everything in Port au Prince in every department.

Every department needs a private electric company.The stores should stay open until 9 P.M. The business day should start at 4 A.M and end it at 10 P.M
Some school should stay open until 9 P.M to develop literacy in Haiti, They also come to Port au Prince for medical reasons.

Every department needs a surgery hospital.

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