Merci Et Bravo Honorable President Martelly

Timanno - November 8 2011, 11:22 AM

u know if u stop n think for a minute u will realize that agent-x and all the other agents, misfits and wannabees who are in loulou land busy typing on this screen in hope to pull the President's pants down, must know that Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly will always be remembered as the chief social engineer and architect of Haiti's rebirth.


But as to them, they will always be remembered as the fecal parasites inside his waste reservoir trying to boil his stomach into a lavatory rush. In fact, they should be thankful to the President for giving them a cyberspace pool of sophisticated waste to swim in. How true it is that in order for a person to pull you down, they must be below you. We Haitians know the difference between petes and parfumes.

And those agents who think they can keep farting on this screen about our President and believe that we will not smell their evil agenda, are simply caught in the filthy wonder of their fecal reality.

If they were anything of substance, then a plea to look at their conscience in the mirror of decency could be announced here. But knowing that they only breathe what they seem to be preaching on this screen, we therefore see that apporoach as waste of time with waste.

And truly how can we expect the agents of fecal waste to say anything other than waste.

Can you smell what they are writing on this screen.

Hopefully you can spray their waste with this message.

En nou pousse pi pou devan!

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I have heard and see this before. You can't fool me...

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