Martelly irresponsible call for fasting health workers world wide

Agent-x - November 7 2011, 10:01 PM

Michel Martelly serial of irresponsible decisions is reaching another crescendo after he recommends the majority of under nourished Haitians for fasting.

This irresponsible decision shows an additional example that the Sparrow-Wacko Martelly is out of tune with Haitian pressing realities and his criminally insane decisions continue to harm the poor Haitians.

While Martelly, his family, relatives and friends are enjoying sumptuous meals with baby doc that includes but not limiting to Caviar, filet Mignon, Lobster, rice, pasta, fine liquors while 780,000 Haitian or 78% of the population are living on less than two US dollars a day plus four fifths of Haitians live on no more than two dollars a day, have been on involuntary fasting since several generations with all the dire consequences of nutritional deficiencies without receiving the benefit of an opulent life style from the white god they continue to follow blindly.*refers to addendum-1
Haitian that really need to do fasting are the fat cats like Jean Claude Duvalier and his significant others, Raoul Cedras, Latortues, Henri Namphy, Prosper Avril, Michel Martelly with his family and his network of Sycophants that committed crimes against the Haitian people and continue to lead opulent life style at the expense of the poor Haitians whose meals is a daily adventure at best.
Medical doctors and nutritionist agreed that asking starving people for fasting is criminally insane and whoever gave that order should have a psychiatric evaluation.

*Addendum-1. The bible never glorifies any African tribe on the contrary we have seen what role Africa plays when Noah cursed Ham's offspring in Genesis 9:25 The bible also clearly mentioned that a non-African tribe was selected as god chosen people that should rule the world.

Despite of those arrogance in the bible some black people are conveniently blind to follow a god that has nothing to do with their race. They reject their African gods. This is what happened when people voluntarily or involuntarily abandoned their African gods and culture for foreign gods and culture.

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Agent-x says...

The head line should have been : Martelly Irresponsible Call For Fasting worries Health Workers world wide. Agent-X is apologizing for the error. more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,like i said, your nose most be cold like a dog,"san ront't ke wou ye". I would like to know,what Aristide is doing in Tabarre? Well,he is... more »