I have a hard believing this story, it seems to me that the...

Bernard - September 7 2011, 7:29 PM

I have a hard believing this story, it seems to me that the kid was a regular at that particular barrack, It is a well known thing that young women and young men frequent these places for exchange of favors as in Prostitution, it just so happen that this story came out, but I dont believe he was being raped, from what I can see in the video he was acting like a willing partner, he was'nt acting like someone that was being raped.

I dont think its right but at the same time I have to wonder, while something like this is taking place, where are the people in the parliement?

They are still dragging their feet and opposing the president, when are these guys going to put the people of Haiti before their selfish greed.

Its amazing when you think that Aristide is reponsible for having the Minustah in Haiti and these assholes in the parliement are his people.

Sometimes I think may be their is no hope for Haiti.

If this keeps up the Minustah will go and the U.N. will simply give all the military help to the Dominican republic next door and have them occupy us. This is what I think the future game is!

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