Good morning I believe the president should dissolve the...

Elisabeth - July 18 2011, 12:32 PM

Good morning
I believe the president should dissolve the parliament because you can see it is not about the country it is about themself they
Should have given the ok to Rouzier but they refused him now they are upset about Gousse choice my understanding was they were given 10 names by the President and they left the choice between 3 candidates and when the President choose Gousse they are unhappy why?

Because they feel they will not get their way because Gousse is not gonna accept their nonsense he will get them arrested like in the past. I really can understand the constitution it is upside down how can we expect the president to be effective if he has to have a premier minister that is given to him from another group this group the parliament except for certain member are corrupted and selfish, they are protecting their own pocket, they are being paid and bribe at any given time I have not seen any evolution for the country under their government Haiti is the same, corrupt, poor,unsafe (dirty) the children on the street, after the earthquake I have not seen any of them taking a leadership role it was a shame to see this group of "gro paletot, pale francais with no initiative I think they have no shame to sit and blame the president because he refused to be bullied and accept to go with the same the president should be able to choose whoever he wants someone that he trust someone that will help him with his own agenda for the Haitians populations mouin pa oue sa lot premier ministre la te realise if president Martelly has the right to dissolve the parliament he should do it now. Se pa anyin neg yo ap fe la, yo pa vle changement I hope the president continue to stay strong do not give up because it is absolutely necessary to make them understand that the Haitians give him a clear mandate for change and there is no way he will achieve his goal with the actual parliament, election are coming soon the people will remember their actions.

President Martelly ap kite yo continuer bat ko yo et lap dissolve cabinet a oubien le election neg yo ap pedi position yo.the sad thing while they are playng politic the people are suffering and it is their fault not the president.

Good luck President Martelly may God continue to Bless you and your family so you can continue to work toward making Haiti a better place for all.

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