Most people who belong to the Duvalierist Camp are...

Agent-x - June 15 2011, 6:41 AM

Most people who belong to the Duvalierist Camp are intellectually challenged and are prone to extreme violence.

They are incapable of rational thinking.

That is why the Amerequins used them in the 60's and 70's to commit genocide in Haiti.

That is why Aristide was adult-napped.

The Amerequins are repeating the ritual in Haiti by forcefully installing Martelly as the vice President in every sense the word. Remember Bill Clinton is the de facto president of Haiti and bourik charge is the Governor General
They are giving Martelly weapons to kill Haitian who don

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On Martelly blog someone is impersonating me as Agent-X

Since May 29th 2011 I have been experiencing denial of services (DoS) from The Martelly

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