Although there may be many who are committing crimes in the...

Patsey Abner - May 28 2011, 11:30 AM

Although there may be many who are committing crimes in the camps, I don't believe it is the majority of the people.

What are they supposed to do?

I was recently in Haiti and was disappointed at the number of people that were still living in tents and under tarps.

Although it would be great if the government in Haiti could present people with a "free" home, that is not realistic.

Those people with jobs should have to pay for a new dwelling.

I feel that to throw people out of the camps will open Port au Prince (not just Delmas) for more crime.

People will probably take their belongings and move to another camp area. On traveling north on Route Nationale 1 I noticed that there were home and apartments coming up. Rather than just throw people out, why can't they be transported to an area like this and assisted in getting a home or an apartment.

Unfortunately crime has been a part of the camps, rapes, beatings, theft, etc. Having some kind of lighting around these areas might also help. I continue to pray for the people.

I pray that the new President won't distance himself from a problem but step in and attempt to solve this situation and show that he is really a "President for ALL the people."

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