Mr President You probally would not listen to me as i am a...

Ben - April 8 2011, 5:54 PM

Mr President
You probally would not listen to me as i am a nobody except a regualar
Haitian.I will only ask you if you do read this No to Jean Max Bellerive as a prime Minister if you do that will be a slap in everyone face that beleive in you as a new leader Bellerive is the past he is been in so many
Government before and if you ask him a question How many ONG Working now in Haiti i seriously do not think you will get the right answsed.

Do like President OBAMA DID out with the old in with new talent Bellerive is part of the fail system.

Please Mr President some of this people working in the Gov now are Magouilleur menteur.

saboteur and are unable to tell the true. If you want to make it have honest reliable people around you.


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