Congrats!!! President Martelly.

Jean Boursiquot - April 6 2011, 4:22 PM

Congrats!!! President Martelly.

Just like your grandfather, be a fighter for the Haitian people.

Few suggestions:a) Create an atmosphere ( security ) for us the diaspora so we can come home and bring our children to the country of our birth HAITI and spend some money in our hotels, restaurants, etc...

b) Fight corruption.

Why should it be so hard to get a passport made in Haiti and cost hundreds of dollars?.

In Washington DC, I did my haitian passport in 1 day and only cost $ 100. c) Open all the ports and modernize them. d) Tax all travelers $ 50us for the reconstruction of our National Palace, our icon. Call it " reconstruction Tax", we dont mind in the diaspora.

e) Built 2 international airports in Port de Paix and Aux Cayes

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