Ms. Pecho, We appreciate your concern for the struggling...

Megan At Ffp - April 4 2011, 10:55 AM

Ms. Pecho,

We appreciate your concern for the struggling people of Haiti, but the people living at this camp only have to walk across the street to obtain help from Food For The Poor. Food For The Poor cooks and serves 15,000 hot meals six days a week at the location described.

The recipients are people living nearby who have no income, and no other food resources.

To receive food, people complete a simple form, which includes the number of people in their family.

They bring a card with them each time and they are supplied simple, nutritious meals of rice, beans and basic stews of vegetables and protein.

In addition to this hot food, Food For The Poor distributes dried beans, rice, canned foods and other staple foods through 2,600 beneficiaries in Haiti.

When intervening with direct distribution, security is a very real concern.

Food For The Poor has chosen to continue along our established path of supplying intermediate agencies such as churches and associations who are structured for direct distribution.

Food For The Poor has been working in Haiti since 1986. The charity accelerated its work immediately after the quake and continues to work to rebuild Haiti.

Immediately after the quake, Food For The Poor was supplying food, water and sanitation to the tent cities.

It is imperative to get people out of camps, and into homes.

Food For The Poor has built more than 1,900 permanent homes in Haiti in the 15 months since the quake, bringing the total number since 1986 to more than 14,000.

We encourage everyone to look at all the facts before they add to the chaos with misinformation.

-Megan at FFP

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