Aristide Daughters Want To Go Back To South Africa Right Away

Veritetelefon - March 22 2011, 8:16 AM

A good source has reported what appear to be more than a rumor, and that is both of Aristide's daughters are having with their mother about not wanting to stay in Haiti.

This conversation has been heard taken place between the daughters and the mother.

Titid is aware of the situation and will make a decision soon about both daughters going back to South Africa.

But the problem is the mother want to leave with her daughters as well.
Titid! Lakay se lakay e la vi c'est la vie. Bonne Chance.

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Jynee says...

I would not be surprise. According to my cousin who visited South Africa last summer, Aristide lived in opulence in a large enclosed villa. the tour... more »