The lady cannot govern Haiti, and she is not strong enough for...

Josy - March 14 2011, 6:16 PM

The lady cannot govern Haiti, and she is not strong enough for the reconstruction.

The diaspora should take serious actions if Mr. Preval, and his cronies select Mrs. Manigat for the presidency.

They want her, because she is weak and they will get to continue the destruction of our country.

Mr. Preval, and his government have done absolutely nothing for Haiti.

He does not want to go, and wanted to put Mr. Celestin in the palace so he can continue stealing money from the poor Haitians.

I am hoping that we will not destroy the few places we have left, and burn down the country.

Haitians should protest, and find other ways to stop Mr. Preval.

I have one question for Mr. Preval, and would like to know what is legacy will be after he is gone. What have you done for Haiti lately Mr. President?

and during the years you have been in power?

My advice to you is to be a big boy, and move on with your life. We both know every good thing must come to an end, and your time is up Sir.

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