Hello Ronald, I admired your message and encouraged you to...

Gauthier Saintilus - January 11 2011, 4:20 PM

Hello Ronald,

I admired your message and encouraged you to lead various sessions of prayer.

Organize several groups of prayers and integrate elders from active churches.

Make them hold hands as you said, and prey God of Abraham Isaac, and Jacob.

I am sure something marvelous is going to happen soon or latter.

My fiend, I believed that the best alternative to get victory over the evil power is to dive in faithful prayer.

I said that all the times, "He who creates the universe makes the rules and overrules!" Now it is the time the season demands to reinvent Haiti.

The Spirit of the LORD is within me to manifest His will on behalf of Haiti.

Go head now, pray faithfully and make disciples.

The Mighty God is with us.We shall overcome! I need 70 disciples and 70 elders.

We need a spiritual Leader from above.

Bravo vive haiti!!


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