Surrender The State Of Haiti to The United States Is Not an Option In Haiti

Samba - January 2 2011, 10:45 PM

The latest BBC Survey explains that Haitians will never surrender their country to the United States although many Christian missionaries as stationed in Haiti are working hard to make that happen.

Once again, Haitians in Haiti need to mobolize their economic and political resources to control the NGOs and all Christian missionaries in every inch of their move in Haiti.

The NGOs and many Christian missionaries are responsible for the destruction of Haiti.

They are conspiring on a daily basis against the Haitian government, the Voodoo priests and the Haitian masses to make Haiti surrender its political power to the United States.

Many Haitians in Haiti advocate that surrendering is not and will never be a viable political option to the state of Haiti.

As Hilary Clinton states it in her last poltical speeches about Haiti that Haitians are strong and resilient despite the U.S. destruction against Haiti.

Haitians need to mobolize and ask for the departure of all NGOs and church missionaries destined to sell Haiti to the U.S. In the days ahead, they will recognize the mass power of Haitians in Haiti.

The land of Dessalines, Christophe, Petion, Boyer and Soulouque will not be sold to any foreigners as they want to. We will kick them out soon...

Long live to Haiti!

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