The other problem that we have with Haiti is that it has been...

Bernard - December 18 2010, 11:14 PM

the other problem that we have with Haiti is that it has been isolated because Haiti for the most part is illiterate, most of the people are made to believe that Creole is a language.

where can you use that language on the international front to negotiate, Its time that we get rid of Creole as a language, otherwise we are facing another problem, we are gone have two classes of people in Haiti, those that speak french and are accepted globally and those that speak creole and are not able to communicate with anyone globally.

creole is our mother language it will never go away, but to think that we can teach our children creole only is a crime.

In order for a person to read or write creole they must have the knowledge of the french gramar.

who are we fooling?

its a death sentence for those that not able to speak french, english or spanish.

wake up my people.

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