Brethren, I assert that every haitian wants a non-violent...

Rtonald Altieri - December 16 2010, 11:02 AM


I assert that every haitian wants a non-violent solution to the our situation.

But let us lock minds with each other and ask this question:

"When all a person has in the world is a vote and you take that away, what do you leave that person with?"

Do you tell the more the more than a quarter of a million souls that have perished in the earthquake, and who were in misery prior to the earthquake that we are going to follow the same path for the sake of stability.

Do you tell the youth that want nothing to do with the status quo that we must stay on the same path.

206 years ago history called us to make our mark in history.

Now is the day that we need to be a beacon to the world in misery, and say that things will never be as they were before.

Haiti need a spiritual revolution, without violence, and it must start now. Now is the time that history has given us to send our message.

The ultimate question is:

How should Haiti finght against misery?

Always In Christ,
Ronald Altieri

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