I have no idea who is the man. Whoever is the candidate my...

Max Mills - November 13 2010, 11:18 AM

I have no idea who is the man.

Whoever is the candidate my brothers and sisters need to know before to give their precious vote to someone they need to hear what is his/ her vision for the next five years with that soudain crisis we were all not prepare for.A leader who can motivate and lead the people to work together to minimize the International negative thought about Haiti.

Firstly to have a simple vision how and how long is going to take us to decentralize these people under the tents, before it's too late because in the next two or three years the population is going to grow by 3% than the previous years, with the escalation of rape which is going on now. Also a lot of teenage children without parents supervision will make it worst.Most of those children, their parents have died during the earthquake.Who is going to be responsible for what is coming.

Therefore we need somebody who has vision to prepare for the upcoming doom who is going affect us all.We need someone to identify what is the priority first in the plan making in term of infrastructures, first for the Government and also for the public sector.

To my understanding Preval's government is too mean, in a serious situation like this the government should provide some parcels of land to the people with a minimal cost so they could evacuate the city so to facilitate the work which is needed to be done.That is why he got all the blames on himself.Lack of vision from his part. Before the Haitians need to choose someone, they need to hear his/her vision so we all can hold on this person accountability.All the leaders all over the world promise change and have a better plan.The people vote and expect to see the change.Why do we need somebody without vision?

Why are we fighting for cute faces or names?If one makes mistake once he / she deserves a second chance as long he/she is a politician.

If the mass know he/she is a crook do not waste your vote. your " yes " is to precious my brothers and sisters.

We need integrity, vision, character, and guts above all to fight against fraud and corruption.

Maybe everything must start with us first.

If we vote for a crook therefore we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Se mwen ki di'l.

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