I love your Ideas you are well spoken if you read my reply...

Martine Civil - October 27 2010, 4:16 AM

I love your Ideas you are well spoken if you read my reply (martine civil ) you will have some understanding of my taught.

especially where I say we need to instructed our childrens in different field of study if today we have done that perhapes we would have been a big nation with a lot more of repect none of this candidate are qualify to be the nation leader no experience, no qualification, no vision and capability.

we have been fool for decades now it is time to let our family in haiti to know not to be fool any more do not vote! nothing about these candidate will make a change unless what I mention earlier is apply.

if they wish they can put whom ever they want but not to the nation vote please people do not vote let all the poll stay empty, like this we will be repected and they will begin acknowledging that we are not that akward as they may think of us. we will prove concern, and a better political view.

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