Yes my brother keep on searching and I will keep on doing the...

Negbelair - October 11 2010, 2:56 PM

yes my brother keep on searching and I will keep on doing the same thing until we get some answers about this guy cause something fishy is going on here. I do not believe for one minute this guy is 100% Haitian and if he's not that's bull sh at %$&t and we no longer have a country we might as well stay right where we are. My wife is from Trinidad and Tobago and if that's what they're going to start doing in Haiti letting foreigners run the country, I am moving to my wife's Island at least I'll know where I stand.

Again I am just searching for information on this guy Baker to make sure he is 100% Haitian.

Halla at me later brother

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my brother i am 100% with you iam also a so call...

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