Brother I also said that I am not supporting any one of the...

Kv - September 7 2010, 9:33 PM

Brother I also said that I am not supporting any one of the other candidates.

I do not trust them. Now because we've been victim of the greed of those Highly educated leaders we had before does not mean i should let myself be guided by one who has no clue about what he's trying to get himself into. Now if Wyclef prepares himself and we add he's caring heart and his love for the people of his country on top of it all, then maybe I can considere giving him a chance.

But with no preparation, and you think i am going to vote you to represent us around the whole on a POLITICAL level, no i don't think so. I am not saying i agreed with the previous idiots greedy bastards we've had but to me Clef is not there yet.We need someone educated, who is not greedy and who is really dedicated, with a concrete plan to represent us and work with us to help put Haiti back on its feet again.

Forgive me if unfortunately we Do not have someone like that around yet. And If Clef wants to be president he needs to start acting like one already.

It has not even been three months since they dropped him off the race and he's already out there crying, writings songs to send angry messages to people who did not support him. wow is he really serious?

Best thing to do is Go back and get yourself in shape and come back in full force.

Make them shut their mouth for good not with angry lyrics but with a concrete plan and educate yourself well enough to know how to deal with things.

The haitian people are desperate for a change and they deserve it but if you cannot live up to their expectations or even do half of what they expected from you, they will be the same ones that will kick your butt out of the country.

I don't even think Clef knows what he's getting himself into. " La politique du tier monde n'est pas une mince affaire mon frere".

Anyways brother this is my opinion.

I don't blame you for supporting him but I would not support him or any other candidates in the race right now and that's only my opinion, my choice.

The system is so corrupted only God can help us.

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