Wycclef, my friend, I really appreciate your enthusiasm to be...

Marcy Paul - August 26 2010, 8:45 PM

Wycclef, my friend, I really appreciate your enthusiasm to be Head of state in Haiti.

But rules are rules, man. Look, I would love to see a "diaspora" as President because he-she would give some well deserved recognition to the Haitians living abroad; including but not limited to the right to vote, incentive to buy businesses in Haiti, entrepreneurship advantages that would benefit both Haiti and local businesses.The right to criticize and help change corruption on all levels in Haiti.

But Clef, In all honesty I do not believe that you have passed the RESIDENCY test.
Residency in most countries mean that: You received your mail in ONE primary address.

You declare to all concerned ONE PRIMARY residence.

Everybody can have a second home or business in another country, but that does not mean the second home or business can be qualified as PRIMARY RESIDENCE.

Where do you pay your yearly taxes, Clef?

A Vague title like Good Will Ambassador with no salary attached to it CAN'T GIVE YOU RESIDENCY.

You know, Clef, if we start bending rules BEFORE the election, what would it be like AFTER election, if you have the good fortune to be elected?

We can bend certain rules; But bending rules like the constitution clearly stated is non-forgivable and even detrimental to our constitutional health.

First You lied about your age, then forcefully tried to established a cacophony residence scheme.

Your tax invasion with personal and business transactions left a lot to be desired.

You charged an excessive fee for a charitable benefit to recent Quake in Haiti.

You draped yourself in Haitian social apparatus like the flag to fool the Haitian public and the HAITIAN YOUTH.

Frankly, you should have never attempted the video in French (?) as you have.
I gave you lots of credits for trying but you really should have known WHEN TO QUIT!
The time would have been when you received "Remis a ses Parent Carnet".

Any attempt beyond this point is frivolous and show-offing
If you truly want to help the Haitian people, especially the Haitian Youth: Start putting your money where your mouth is.
HIRE A LAWYER, better yet a dream team, to get the food, medicine and others out of customs houses.

Get the Youth involved in cleaning and clearing PAP out of its debris.

If you have any money left; How about getting the lawyers interested in clearing real estate property titles so that PAP can be rebuild or reconstructed again for REAL?

You know Clef, if you can do all of the above, in the next five years and at the same time establishing Haiti as your primary residence, I truly believe you would have a chance of becoming Haiti's next President.

In the meanwhile, think sincerely about what YOU could do for Haiti and NOT WHAT HAITI CAN DO FOR YOU.

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marcy i agree with you 100% even though i love clef.

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