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Senator Joe Lambert wants Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry to resign

Haiti Senate President Joseph Lambert shaking hands with prime minister Ariel Henry in one of their meetings Jimmy Cherisier and the G-9 gang are not the only ones asking Haitian prime minister Ariel Henry to resign. Senate President Joseph Lambert also wants the prime minister to resign as well because, he says, Ariel has simply not delivered. more »

Today one has the impression that Barbecue (Jimmy Cherisier) is in charge and not Ariel Henry, Senator Lambert said.

On October 17th 2021 in Haiti, there was a showdown between the gang of Ariel Henry the Gang of Jimmy Cherisier alias Barbecue The G-9 gang leader Jimmy Cherisier, alias Barbecue seems to be more in charge of the Republic of Haiti then it's prime minister Ariel Henry, according to the president of the remainder all the Senate mr. Joseph Lambert. more »

Two things needs to be done rapidly in Haiti, Joseph Lambert said

Senateur Joseph Lambert - President du Senat Senator Lambert spoke about two major issue that needs to be addressed rapidly: more »

Haiti: Senator Joseph Lambert is now in Opposition with President Jovenel

Senateur Joseph Lambert - President du Senat Senator Joseph Lambert has changed sides. He is not in opposition with President Jovenel Moise. Senator Lambert made it clear in a tweet Monday. more »

PetroCaribe: Senator Lambert asks all individuals and companies indexed to get ready for Justice

Senator Joseph Lambert - Who is Joseph Lambert? While everyone is focusing on president Jovenel Mois in in regards to the dilapidaiton of the PetroCaribe money, Senator Joseph Lambert ask everyone whose name was mentioned to answer the justice system. more »

Senator Lambert calls 4 opposition Senators "Mercenaires Parlementaires" after what they did at the Senate Thursday

4 opposition Senators sit outside of parliament after they destroyed the Senate A journalist aske Senator Joseph Lambert: "What do you think about what happened at the senate where all chairs and tables inside the senater were thrown outside?" Lambert replied: "Bon, se des mercenaires parlementaires k ap devlope la a." more »

Senator Lambert: The 4 opposition Senators brought in armed and unknown individuals to the parliament building

A mad Senator Joseph Lambert says Haitian Senator Joseph Lambers complained about his safety and that of other senators at the Haitian Senate after he witnessed armed and unknown indivisuals he said the 4 sentors of the opposition brought in to the grounds of the parliemane building. more »

Haiti - Senator Joseph Lambert will NOT go to Vertieres on 18 November. Find out why

Senateur Joseph Lambert - Moise Jean Charles Haitian Senator Joseph Lambert announced he will not attend the 18 November ceremony at Vertières in Cap Haitien this year because of what Moise Jean Charles did. more »

Haiti Senate President Joseph Lambert in the Dominican Republic for medical reasons

Senator Joseph Lambert - Who is Joseph Lambert? Rumors spread on Social Media Haitian Senate president Joseph Lambert was rushed to the hospital in the Dominican Republic after he had a heart attack during a meeting with President Jovenel Moise. While Senator Lambert denies the rumors in a tweet Monday, he did admit, he is in the Dominican Republic for a medical check up. more »

Senator Joseph Lambert hospitalised due to a problem in the liver and kidneys

Senateur Joseph Lambert - President du Senat Senator Joseph Lambert, the president of the Haitian Senate is hospitalized in the Dominican Republic due to a problem in the liver and kidneys, says Journalist Garry Pierre Paul Charles of radio SCOOP FM more »