Joseph Lambert,, Président du Senat de la Republique d'Haiti

Haiti Senate President Joseph Lambert in the Dominican Republic for medical reasons

Rumors spread on Social Media Haitian Senate president Joseph Lambert was rushed to the hospital in the Dominican Republic after he had a heart attack during a meeting with President Jovenel Moise. While Senator Lambert denies the rumors in a tweet Monday, he did admit, he is in the Dominican Republic for a medical check up.

Haitian Senators have set out to seriously reduce their privileges

With Haitian Senators under a microscope these days and their lavish lifestyles in question, They have set out to reduce some of the privileges they are getting.

Embezzlement - Haitian Senate President Lambert accused of renting his own home for $8 million with taxpayers money

Former Haitian senator Ricard Pierre accused of Senate president Joseph Lambert of embezzling taxpayers money by renting his own home to the State for 8 million gourdes so he himself can live in it.

AUDIO: Joseph Lambert - Haitian Constitution clearly states how a Prime Minister can resign

Listen to this AUDIO... After meeting with Haitian prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant on Wednesday, Senate president Joseph Lambert states: The Haitian Constitution clearly states how a Prime Minister can resign.

Haiti Politics - Senator Joseph Lambert tells Moise Jean Charles: You say Jovenel Must GO, I am NOT for Jovenel leaving

"I hear you talking about 'Jovenel must GO,' I am against that, Senator Joseph Lambert told former senator Moise Jean Charles, leader of the opposition movement against the Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

Haiti - The LAMBERT Brothers, Joseph and Wencesclas, are now Foreign DIPLOMATS

Haiti Diplomacy -- Former Senator brothers Joseph Lambert and Wencesclas Lambert, both of whom lost in the Senate election in Sud-Est Haiti are now DIPLOMATS... Yes... Joseph Lambert is now "Ministre Conseiller" at the Embassy of Haiti in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic... Wencesclas Lambert is the new head of the Haitian Consulate in Turks and Caicos Island...

Haiti Senate - LAMBERT Brothers, Joseph and Wencesclas, Lost Elections in Jacmel

Haiti Elections Update - Former Senator brothers Joseph Lambert and Wencesclas Lambert both lost in the legislative elections in Sud-Est Haiti... Both brothers came in 3rd and 4th in the 4-candidate 2nd round run...

Haiti Elections Sud-Est : 9 Candidates Want Elections Annulled

9 candidates for senator from different political parties in the Sud-Est department got together to challenge the senatorial elections results... They are all calling for annulation of the elections whose results were rigged they say...

Haitian Lawmakers don't want to talk, they want to OVERTHROW the Government, Joseph Lambert says.

Former Haitian senator Joseph Lambert says: la volonté des parlementaires n'est pas de dialoguer, mais de renverser le pouvoir. (Haitian lawmakers don't want to talk, they just want to overthrow the Government)

Video: Contre-attaque de Joseph Lambert apres les graves accusations portees contre lui

Le conseiller présidentiel et ex sénateur du Sud-est Joseph Lambert a réagi mardi aux graves accusations portées contre lui par le nommé Sherlson Sanon qui se présente comme un de ses hommes de main, faisant partie d'un gang qu'il dirige et qui est impliqué autant dans des crimes de sang que dans le trafic illicite des stupéfiants.