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Haiti Politics: Aristide secretly wanted Jovenel Moise to be president (VIDEO)

Assad Volcy, President Jovenel Moise, Jean Bertrand Aristide Can you believe this? Ex Lavalas president Jean Bertrand Aristide secretly wanted Jovenel Moise to become the next president of Haiti, NOT Moise Jean Charles, not even Maryse Narcisse, the Lavalas candidate in the past elections. This may come as a surprise to you but it is straight from the mouth Assad Volcy. Watch the video... more »

Mesye O... Sanble Opposition politique Haiti a mouri tout bon vre!

Haiti G8 - Fin Mai 2016 Nous annonçons avec infiniment de peine, la triste nouvelle de la mort de l'opposition en Haiti, decede en 2018 apres in maladie de pouvoir courageusement suporté LOL... more »

Haiti - Assad Volcy writes to Moise Jean Charles: Take a step back from politics, take care of your health, life is more important

Assad Volcy vs Moise Jean Charles Palaftorm Pitit Desalin Haitian opposition leader Assad Volcy wrote an open letter to Pitit Desalin leader Moise Jean Charles after seeing his photo online with his mouth all crooked: Take a step back from politics, take care of your health, your life is more important. more »

Haiti - Assad Volcy: If Jovenel Moise creates permanent electoral council, it is a stranglehold on power for 20 to 25 years

President Jovenel Moise - Assad Volcy Assad Volcy says the attempt to by president Jovenel Moise and his administration to create the permanent electoral council in Haiti is an attempt to get a stranglehold on power for the next 20 to 25 years. more »

Haiti Politics : What happened to all the 'Famous' OPPOSITION leaders?

President Martelly - Assad Volcy What happened to these famous Haitian opposition leaders: tag Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Andre Michel, Assad Volcy, Rony Timothée, what are they up to??? more »

Haiti in Crisis - Assad Volcy wants Martelly Out of Office BEFORE 07 Fevrier

Haiti Elections Update -- Less then 2 weeks before the term of President Michel Martelly ends, opposition leader Assad Volcy cannot wait, he wants Martelly OUT of office BEFORE 07 Fevrier... more »

Haiti Elections - Platfom Pitit Desalin REJECTS Commission by Martelly to Evaluate Elections

Haiti Elections Update - Senator Moise Jean Charles's Platfom Pitit Desalin REJECTS new commission established by president Michel Martelly to evaluate the 25 October elections... Assad Volcy of Pitit Desalin says this commission does not reflect demands of the G8... more »

Haiti - Assad Volcy says the Country is divided into TWO Sides

During the 20 jan 2015 street protest, Haiti opposition leader Assad Volcy says: "The country is divided into two sided, Martelly and his friends like PHTK, FUSION, INITE, Kontra Pep, Haitien pou Haiti... and on the other side we have the REAL Opposition: Pitit Dessalines, MOPOD, LAVALAS..." more »

Haiti Manifestation - Assad Volcy di: Si Martelly pa prese bay demision li, pita ap pi tris pou li

"Jodi a si Martelly pa prese fè yon diskou pou li kite pouvwa a, jan-m wè kolè pep la ap monte la a, pita ap pi tris pou li." Men ki deklaration activist politik Assad Volcy fè jounen manifestation 16 Desanm 2014 la sou antenn radio Caraibes... more »

Haiti Justice - Timothee Rony (MOPOD) Granted Provisional Release from Prison

FLASH... Haitian MOPOD spokesperson Timothee Rony has been released from prison on a provisional basis, his lawyer Newton Saint Juste said. Tinothee Rony is to appear in court Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014, along with Assad Volcy of OTAN and Biron Odige of FOPARK... more »