It is possible to hold a Presidential Election In Haiti this Year?

There seems to be a debate going on in Haiti about whether or NOT it is possible to hold a credible election for the highest post in the land... the Presidency... within the next 3 months.

Haitian Senator Jean William Jeanty doesn't think so...

In a recent radio intervention, the senator believes that it is physically and technically impossible to hold a presidential election in Haiti by November 28 2010.

Perhaps NOT... But what's a better alternative?

Senator Jeanty thinks that the solution of wisdom would be a transitional government in Haiti that would organize elections within a reasonable time and establish a political consensus.

This is from an edition of "RAMASE" a Haitian radio program that airs on Radio Caraibes FM dated August 09, 2010


What do you think?

It is possible to hold a credible Presidential election in Haiti this Year?

Or... are we going got have another open season of oppositions... cat fights... and BS discussions... the same crap that is clearly of NO benefit to the people of the Republic... Pep la...?

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Jean says...

They have to do it only because the government wants to grab the opportunity while help might be coming to do the elections.Also Preval wants to get

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Dieuseul says...

I agree with you 100% the focus should not be in election right now. like you wrote I do understand that we need a leader in that country too but that can wait. Most of those guys who want to be president they don't even care about the country and the people I believe that they just care about the

O Bondye jiskile Ayiti ap soti anba

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Ansy Joseph says...

Politic in Haiti is simply a JOKE, it's not serious.

Here is why nobody around the world take us seriously and some of them take advantage even through our misfortunes.

Can you imagine after January 12, the focus in on the election, not on the people who are still suffering in the streets, camp out under plastic tents with empty stomach, and little girls who are exposed to the shameless rapists.

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Johnny says...

Yo it's possible to have the election 3 months is enough just the college electoral have to move thier butt now not late like 2 weeks before the election like they used to do before to get more pay checks and drive nice or fancy cars, they had the money so what they waiting for just

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