Haiti President Jovenel Moise lied to the people, Professor Josue Merilien said

Jovenel Moise, Rony Celestin - PHTK Pre-Campaign Meeting - Hinche Haiti
During a recent intervention on Haitian radio, professor Josue Merilien said President Jovenel Moise lied big time... But what is he talking about? read this...

The professor said President Jovenel Moise made the campaign promise to "mete lajan nan poch ou, mete manje nan assyet ou!" (put money in the pockets of the people and put food in teir plates) but that is not what the president did.

Speaking for the Haitian school teachers, Professor Merilien said "President Jovenel Moise actually took money out of their pockets."

If the professor is right, president Jovenel has some explaining to do.

Don't you think?

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Jay SE pou Jojo te pote on plat manje bay chak moun pandan yo Chita lakay yo yap grate santi
Reply · April 11 at 7:26 AM
Guy Laguerre Stop making our own self looks like stupid.. It's time to think about The future our country Haiti.let The president do what he supposed to do to... see more
Reply · April 08 at 8:16 PM
Guy Laguerre I can't believe why stupid like merilien don't know about something we call let work together for Haiti Togo forward.stupid stop talking about today... see more
Reply · April 08 at 8:09 PM
Alexa President Jovenel Moise is doing the best he can. He's not a magician holding a wand and putting everything into place in an instant. Haiti has... see more
Reply · April 08 at 8:02 AM
Laurent President Jovenel pa fe yo vre men se pa manti li ba nou. li paka met men nan tout bagay a la fwa. Peyi a pagen "fond" pou sa. Neg yo enkonpetan... see more
Reply · April 08 at 1:50 AM

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Subject: Haiti President Jovenel Moise lied to the people, Professor Josue Merilien said edit

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