Haiti - Platfom Pitit Desalin proposes its own "Conseil National de Gouvernement" after Jovenel Moise!

It's the CNG all over again!!! The Haitian opposition is already talking about how the government will be formed after they KICK president Jovenel Moise out of the National Palace.

According to recent news reports, they have already decided what type of government they want. It's some kind of Conseil National de Gouvernement.

Candidat Moise Jean Charles Santi bagay yo bon nan men li

Platfom Pitit Desalin led by ex Senator Moise Jean Charles proposed a new "Conseil d'Etat," after they "dechouke" Jovenel, that will have one representative from each of the 10 departments in Haiti and one representative from the Haitian Diaspora.


Vive la nation haitienne a tous jamais unis!!!
(Parole celèbre du General Henri Namphy)

What do you think about that?

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Gisou says...

Foli pran moun tout jan. Se pa pou yap joue avek Moise Jean Charles.


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John Peter says...

Si president elu se volo lap volo...se piye lap pite pays a....fok voye li aller ..fok yo revoke li ...fok yo voye li lan penitencier ...dechouke li ...penitencier tete droite...Vive Jean Jacques Dessalines...geenadiers a lassaut...vive revolte generale...vive desobeissance civile...vive dechoukay des bourgous makout kap piye pays a....

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Rigaud says...

Pa gen moun ki fou tankou moise jean charles pou ta antre nan lojik sa a afe ko konsey deta a

le monde antye tap ri nou kom timoun pou ta voye yon president eli ale ranplase l pa yon konsey

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F Estiverne says...

It is time for the president to get serious kill the motherfuckers.

After 33 years abroad I need to come back to my birth

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Fire says...

Well said. I hope the smart people of Haiti don't fall for there trixs.

Them hungry for money

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Alexa says...

Notice that they're all 'ex.' ex-senator, ex-depute, ex-magistrat.

All broke by now. They want the country's meager financial resources to

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Haiti News says...

C'est encore le GNC!!! Vive la nation haitienne a tous jamais unis!!!

L'opposition haïtienne parle déjà de la façon dont le gouvernement sera formé après avoir renvoyé le président Jovenel Moise du Palais national.

Platfom Pitit Desalin dirigé par l'ex sénateur Moise Jean Charles a proposé un nouveau "Conseil d'Etat", après Jovenel, qui aura un représentant de chacun des 10 départements en Haïti et un représentant de la diaspora

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Subject: Haiti - Platfom Pitit Desalin proposes its own "Conseil National de Gouvernement" after Jovenel Moise! edit

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