Haiti - President Martelly Meeting Opposition Wednesday, MOPOD says: We're not Going...

Haiti president Michel Martelly is scheduled to meet with the members of the opposition on Wednesday17 December 2014 at the Ritz Kinam I Hotel... MOPOD announced they are NOT going...

Martelly - MOPOD di Demisyon

One radio commentator said on Haitian radio today, the opposition is divided, some want to negotiate, others want Martelly to leave period...

MOPOD doen't seem to be on the negotiating side.

What do you think about that?

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Roland Malval says...

Se yon peyi problem.

Toute bezwen Presidan pou vole kob. Yo pa gen pies plan pou peyi a. Kote toute pati politik sa yo prale.

Politicien vole sa yo kote yo prale.

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Julio De Castro says...


Du 20 Dec de Kener Pharel merite d'être entendu par tous les politiciens Haitiens Si vraiment ils ailment leur pays

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Julio De Castro says...

Cet après midi, 20 Dec 2014, j'ai suivi avec interet l'emission de Kesner Pharel a la Radio Metropole sur le sujet: investor avec Kesner Pharel.

Il serait Bon pour les membres de l'opposition aussi bien du gouvernement de Martelly d'ecouter les sages Conseil de l'economique Pharel Si vraiment ils veulent travailler pour une Haiti

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Edson Jb Mathieu says...

There is always something which here to interrupt a positive thing.

I don't think the opposition's leader is really care for his/her country nor is people.

I'm so proud of myself because I'm Haitien, I'll always stay Haitian.

But my nation is careless, they do not know what good for their country and their

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Subject: Haiti - President Martelly Meeting Opposition Wednesday, MOPOD says: We're not Going... edit

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