Haiti Elections 2014 - The Chamber of Deputies show more Cooperation

Earlier this week, President of the Chamber of Deputies, Jacques Thimoléon Stevenson, announced that the Assembly of Deputies have reconfirmed their two representatives in Haiti's Electoral Council... Marie Clunie Dumay Miracles and Pierre Simon Georges, two representatives of the Lower House in the CTCEP, will keep their positions after the conversion back to Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is complete.

Senator Jacques Thimoléon Stevenson says...

"There must be elections in the country this year! In this sense, the Chamber of Deputies plays his part by voting the amendment of the electoral law. Now, we confirm our representatives in the CEP. This demonstrates our support for the electoral process"

NOTE: One of the provisions of the El Rancho accord called for the replacement of up to one member of the electoral council by each of the three powers of the State. Once this is done, the Transitional College of the Permanent Electoral Council (CTCEP), would be replaced (pending presidential decree) by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP).

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Ti Joe says...

Kom si nou vle dim ke 6 senate bloke procesus electoral Haiti a epi tout moun dako ak sa?

Gade kijan pouvwa dous mesye.

Poukisa chanm Sena Haiti a pa fe menm jan ak chanm depite a?

Onore accord tout moun te siyen El Rancho a epi kite election fet nan peyi

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Nouvèl - Haiti Eleksyon: Nan kòmansman semèn sa a, Prezidan Chanm Depite a, Jacques Thimoléon Stevenson, te anonse ke Asanble Depite yo te konfirme de reprezantan yo nan Konsèy Elektoral Ayiti a...

Marie Clunie Dumay Miracles ak Pierre Simon Georges, de reprezantan chanm bass nan CTCEP a, pral kenbe pozisyon yo apre CTCEP tounen Konsèy Elektoral Pwovizwa (KEP).


Kisa-w di nan

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