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Te Deum, Martelly Inauguration, Palace Ground is Now A Cathedral

The grounds of the Collapsed Haitian National Palace has been converted to the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince, the Te Deum is happening now... The... more »

Haiti - Electrity Went Out Moments Before The Haiti Inauguration, CNN Says

Wow... EDH Really did it this time... CNN Writes: In a sign of the nation's troubles, the electricty went out moments before the inauguration... more »

EDH - Major Blackout in Haiti On Inauguration Day

Today is the inauguration of President Michel Martelly and the Haitian population is complaining about Blackout. No electricity in La Plaine and... more »

Michel Martelly Prete Sermen Nan Blackout!

Pandan ke prezidan Rene Preval t-ap pase mayet la by President Michel Martelly, Port-au-Prince te nan Blackout... Ki sa sa vle di mezanmi LOL... more »

Haiti - President Martelly Press Corps Ask Haitians To Dress Blue And Red

The press corps of Haiti President Michel Martelly asks all Haitians to dress in blue and red in all areas where the Investiture is to take place... more »

CNN Broadcasts Michel Martelly Inauguration Live

CNN is also broadcasting the live coverage of the Michel Martelly presidential inauguration. CNN relayed the feed of Television National d'Haiti... more »

President Michel Martelly Heading to MUPANAH

President Michel Martelly is heading to the Musee du Pantheon National Haitien (MUPANAH) to fill of a floral offering at the monument of the... more »

Senator Jean Rodolphe Joazil Closes the National Assembly Session

The special session of the Haiti National Assembly has been closed. Michel Martelly is officially President of Haiti. more »

Michaelle Jean In attendance at the Haiti Presidential Inauguration

Michaelle Jean,former Governor General of Canada, is in attendence at the inauguration of Michel Martelly as President of Haiti. Michaelle Jean is... more »

Michel Martelly is Now the 56th President of Haiti

It is official, Michel Martelly is now the ACTUAL president of Haiti, Number 56... He is not standing front and center with the first family. more »

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