It is election time, everybody in every town, every rural...

Paul Bance - September 22 2016, 4:39 PM

It is election time, everybody in every town, every rural section get out to vote for a president who will work for the Haitian people.

Haiti needs clothing stores, payless shoes stores, cosmetic shops, carvel ice cream stores, etc.,.

Habillez vous, faites votre toilette, allez voter for the president who will create jobs, develop tourism, hospitality, education, healthcare, social mobilization in Haiti in every department, not only in Port au Prince.

Vote for a president who will decentralize Port au Prince.

Bring Port au Prince, New York, Miami, Quebec, Paris, etc. in every town in every department in Haiti.

the people of Haiti needs fresh air.

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It is election season. Haiti needs hotels, buses on...

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