They do what they know. Président Martelly should make a...

Patrick Princivil - June 10 2014, 4:52 PM

They do what they know.

Président Martelly should make a report to Obama and O.N.G; They chose him they have to support him; you know US's weakness already: just wait for that kind of problem like that happen in Haïti just to remove our best Président they will be able to enter in Haïti with power to search for gold etc LaFrance left under the earth of Haïti in the operation of cut off heads and burning houses.

Don't worry I will fix them in Jesus's name.

Make a difference I started to attack Réné Préval from 2008; the same 2008 recession started on their shoulders, God is not sleeping, now US is poor and miserable, the nation can't eat in US how a country like that will be able to help Haïti?

I don't believe O.N.G have anymore money to help Haïti. I understand that, the Haitian's people can't eat that's why they are doing that, all the diasporas have to go Haïti and help them, it's not Martelly and Lamorthe fault, O.N.G become the fat tonton makoute in Haïti, they keep the money on hold, Martelly can't move.

I only blame Martelly for doing Carnaval in Haïti a President can't be in the Carnaval, dancing and apply this kind of immorality in that country.

Let us think about that! Who they want to replace Martelly?

Maybe Latortue in Miami if is not dead yet.

May all the countries who fight to keep Haïti in the poverty, bondage and slavery fall in their own hole, curse on them.

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