Ceremomy of bois Cay Iman 14 August 1791-14 August 2012=221 years

Agent-x - August 14 2012, 9:36 PM

August 13/14 is among the greatest dates or perhaps the greatest in the history of the black race on this planet because it set the stage for the greatest military victory of the black race over the Europeans in recorded history.

This glorious day should have been the greatest National holiday in Haiti with emphasis on all sort of competitive activities relating to civism in Haiti and throughout the black "diaspora."
Haiti will need to ban all those Judeo-Christian religions from its territory and expel their clergies because they are spies, undercover military attaches, professional parasites, degenerates that are there to sway the mind of young Haitians into vices and corruption.

Thereby, they are undermining the Haitian culture.

The Vaudou /Voodoo should be the sole religion of Haiti.

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I will return to Chicago, Ill on Sept 4th 2012.

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