I do not trust, or believe in any Dominicans and do not care...

Josy - April 2 2012, 11:50 PM

I do not trust, or believe in any Dominicans and do not care for DR at all. They did not help us after the earthquake, because they care about us and was in it for the money.

The DR received tons of money from the US, and other countries.

They dogged us, and consider us sub-humans.

Batista has Haitian roots, and used white powder on his face so he can look lighter.

The Dominicans are so racists, and rather identify with Spain instead of their African roots.

I do not take the reporter, or their media seriously and we should keep an eye on the DR. They hate us, because we have dark skin and still practice our African roots.

What a huge lie, and shame on the DR. "Ti Marie pap monte, Ti Marie pap descendre, Lap rete meme place la".

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