Agency-X-1804 will resume its normal activities Sat Jan 21st, 2012

Agent-x - January 18 2012, 1:59 AM

18 January 2012. 01:50 hour EST

Agency-X-1804 staff are in Chicago area. We will resume or normal activities on 21 January 2012 after 17:00 hour EST.

Recently some low IQ surfaced on Belpolitik and Martelly blog trying to create diversion hoping that such tactics will interrupt the flow of information from our Agency.

Whether those professional parasites are acting on their own volition or some government agencies paid them, it does not matter one way or another because their IQ are below the 60 range.

Agent-X recommends that those mutants should continue to discus with each other subject that are tailored at the dimension of their microcephalis index such as watching soap operas on TV; they may discussing the virtue of margarine over butter or how to cook chicken, fish, lamb, pork or beef; they may discuss other topic such as clothing, sports, religion, alcohol, discos, compas Direct or how to become better snake handlers.


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