Agency-X 1804,Bloggers don't have to be aware that Monel is...

Monel - January 8 2012, 12:09 AM

Agency-X 1804,Bloggers don't have to be aware that Monel is not connected to your agency and co.I'm by myself on this blob and I don't request anybody or agency supports.

First level, I'd never agreed or supported any posting that one of your members used to post on this blog, and it's the first time I reply to your agency.

Sometime Jean Pierre Alexanddre who used to fight with one of your member named Agent-X wants to equate me to your crew.I'm not and I don't wanna be.
American people always talk about lifestyle.

I heard that Sh!t every day, but it's true for the celebrities, not for the middle class like me. Sometime they dream what they can't be handled that's why 90% of them always die by stressed or sometime they've found them hangthemself.

Bro, I love my lifestyle, a nice house, nice car, good job and a nice family.When you dream what you can't be handled, you bankrupt fast and you become homeless quit like my Bro.
Agency-X-1804 I ask you to rectify my name in your SH!T please.


Be aware that Monel, Pretty-1, etc are not connected to Agency-X-1804

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