I advice you to read my last posting"this is not Monel'style...

Monel - December 29 2011, 12:05 PM

I advice you to read my last posting"this is not Monel'style.

I didn't receive any email from this reply, call your partner who's opened an account on my name. I saw your sh...t because l always read every posted.you know my style.

Ou konnen le map ekri kreyol mwen pa ekri-l menm jan animal parey ou-a ekri.
Li ekri: Ni president Rene Preval
Si se Te mwen.
The real Monel gonna write it like that:
" ni pwezidan Rene pweval, ok don't waste your time to reply me on your partner sh..t.because anybody who reply me, automatically pop-up in my email box.

Response to:

Monel,e'wou? Wou fet't fini konpoze chante pou mwen...

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